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About CASA

A CASA is the one person involved in a childs troubled life who can be the voice of common sense. The child welfare system needs that from CASA, to remind us that the hundreds of case numbers and hearings and pleadings and policies are all about one thing, the children. It's about a real live, breathing, feeling, and often hurting child.

                                               EVERYDAY HEROES                                    I Am For The Child

CASA Videos (above)                             
Everyday Heroes highlights CASA Volunteers making a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children. It provides a rare opportunity to hear directly from children about their homes before and after a CASA volunteer came into their lives.

Promotional video for the new National CASA awareness campaign, "I Am for the Child."
Quote "As a current CASA and CASA Board Member I pray this video reaches the masses and touches every heart so that every child can find a safe loving forever home! I Am For The Child!"

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Payne County CASA Association, Inc dba CASA for Kids is a nonprofit organization that recruits, screens, trains and supports community volunteers who advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children in juvenile deprived court.

Our Volunteers

CASA volunteers advocate for necessary services for the children and early permanency planning because all children have a right to a permanent, safe home.  In situations where it is not possible for children to have a permanent home, the CASA volunteer advocates for services that will provide the children protection and a minimum sufficient level of care.

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