Volunteer Your Time to Change a Child's Life

  • CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court and other settings.
  • No special background or education is required to become a CASA volunteer. People from all cultures and professions, and of all ethnic and educational backgrounds are encouraged to be volunteers. Once accepted into the program, CASA volunteers receive all necessary training in courtroom procedures, social services, the juvenile justice system and the special needs of abused and neglected children.
  • What do CASA volunteers do? Volunteers get to know the child by talking with everyone in that child's life: parents and relatives, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers and others. They use the information they gather to inform judges and others of what the child needs and what will be the best permanent home for them.
  • All CASA volunteers must complete a 30-hour pre-service training. The time commitment to a case varies depending upon the stage of the case. Volunteers sometimes say that there is a greater amount of work in the beginning of the case, when they are conducting their initial research. On average, a CASA volunteer can expect to spend approximately 10 hours a month on a case.
  • CASA volunteers must be at least 21 years old, and be willing to complete necessary background checks, provide references and participate in an interview. CASA volunteers must be available for court appearances, with advance notice, and be willing to commit to the CASA program until their assigned case is closed. This is typically a one year commitment.

To become a CASA Volunteer, complete the CASA Volunteer Application.

Training is one of the most important components of our CASA program.

CASA for Kids ensures that our CASA volunteers have an in-depth knowledge of the case and can make fact-based recommendations to the court. The process begins with careful screening after recruitment and 30 hours of comprehensive training before appointment. Volunteers are required to complete a written application containing information about educational background, training, employment history and experience working with children.

Once training is complete, each CASA volunteer is assigned a Case Supervisor. Case Supervisors perform a tutorial role as they guide their volunteers through the various stages of the cases they have been assigned.

CASA Volunteer Useful Forms and Information:
Volunteer Monthly Time Form (pdf)
CASA Independent In-Service Hours Claim Sheet (pdf)

After becoming a CASA volunteer, additional training is required annually in compliance with national standards. In-service formal training is available to help volunteers meet the twelve hours of continuing education annually. This is a great way for practicing CASA volunteers to keep their basic skills sharp and to provide a more in-depth study of critical issues relating to child abuse and neglect.